WGA Small Business Services

WGA believes that Small Businesses are the backbone of the Massachusetts economy, and we want to help you achieve your goals for your business.

Whether your goal is to grow your business so you can turn it over to your children, to grow your business to sell it, or just to grow your business to make it even more successful, WGA has a confidential service package for you:

  1. We assign a Project Manager (PM) to you;
  2. The PM will interview you and document goals for your business;
  3. The PM will create a plan with you that includes tasks that need to be accomplished in support of the goals;
  4. The PM will meet with you once per week for ½ hour to discuss your progress on the tasks;
  5. The PM will update the progress of the plan weekly and send a status report to you via email.

In addition to this planning service, WGA will train your employees in key skills. For companies with 100 or fewer employees, WGA will provide $30,000 of training that will be fully reimbursed to you by the State.

If your company has 75 people, WGA recommends that 5 employees receive Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification training. This is a Quality methodology focused on continuous improvement and reducing operational costs. WGA also recommends that 12 employees receive Agile certification training. This allows your company to get closer to your customers and understand their requirements more clearly than ever. The total cost for this training is $30,000, fully reimbursed by the State of MA via the Workforce Training Fund.

This training will allow your company to grow and scale by increasing revenue (Agile) while reducing operational costs (Lean Six Sigma).

In addition to the Strategic Planning and the Training, as part of your monthly Service package, you will receive:

  • IT phone support for your business and family (grandmother trying to set up a new printer, for example, or you need assistance with a particular desktop application.)
  • WGA will promote your business services to the other Small Businesses in the WGA

Note: If your Small Business has more than 100 employees, you are still eligible for all services, including a 50% reimbursement of $30,000 in training = $15,000.

Please download a copy of the WGA Annual Support Agreement HERE