WGA Opens new Center for Agile Project Management in Burlington, MA

The market is moving rapidly toward Agile methods. To assist our clients in their Agile journey, WGA has developed new bite-sized, cost-effective training and consulting 2-day ‘Sprints’ that will allow them to experience the Scrum Process and the Spotify scaling model and realize the benefits in 2019. 

  1. Agile/Scrum Product Kickoff and Planning Sprint- Consulting

 Ready to Kickoff the New Year with a New Product Development effort? Send your project team to WGA for 2 days to create the plan for the effort. In 2 days, your team will produce the following Scrum artifacts under the supervision of an expert: Product Vision statement, Requirements statement, Feature list, User Stories, User Story sizing, Release Plan for Release 1 (Minimal Viable Product), Sprint 1 User Stories, and a Detailed plan for Sprint 1. We will also teach the team how to load this plan into Scrum software.  This is an energetic 2 days that will teach the Product Team how to implement Scrum methods. Send the Product Owner (Product Manager), the Technical Team, and a potential Scrum Masters. For more information please see the course objectives.

  1. Lean Six Sigma Value Stream Mapping Sprint- Consulting 

Do you have bottlenecks and frustration with key business processes like 1) the Hiring Process, 2) the Proposal Process, 3) the Employee Development and Retention Process, 4) the Product Development Process, 5) the Financial Reporting and Analysis Process, or 6) the Data Analytics Process for making key decisions…? The most cost-effective way to address these issues is to send up to 20 people from your company with up to 3 target processes to map the current process, identify waste in the process, and redesign the process without waste. Attendees will attain Value Stream Mapping certification and can be the start of a Continuous Process Improvement Center of Excellence in your Company. This consulting service offers the chance to achieve the objectives of your company better, faster, and with higher quality. For more information please see the course objectives.

  1. Custom Project Management Fundamentals Sprint- Training 

WGA is the designated Project Management training company for many organizations including Pfizer Global Quality. The most effective and efficient way to build awareness and skill is to train 20 people at a time to learn the basic concepts of Project Management and perform hands-on practical team exercises. This course is customized in advance through client stakeholder meetings and redesigning the course to suit. Project Management competence is a major factor in the achievement of organizational strategic objectives. This custom course will impact the organization’s ability to plan and execute projects immediately. For more information please see the course objectives.

  1. New Strategic Project Kickoff/Team Planning Sprint- Consulting

Any project costing more than $200,000 is much more likely to succeed with a professionally guided 2-day Kickoff/Team Planning Sprint. It sets the right tone and energy for the Strategic Project. During the Sprint, the following Project artifacts will be developed: Charter, Stakeholder list, Communication Plan, Requirements process document, Schedule, Risk Plan. This is a Team-Building Exercise and generates a solid plan of attack for your most important projects. WGA will input and manage the schedule in POL and mentor weekly team meetings as a follow-up option. For more information please see the course objectives.

  1. POL/Project Server Proof of Concept- Consulting 

Project Online/POL is the most cost-effective and configurable Project Management software solution available in the market. Instead of gathering your requirements in advance of implementation, WGA utilizes an Agile approach by providing clients with an interactive 2-day demonstration and Proof of Concept (POC). Traditional methods would require clients to commit to requirements in advance of understanding the possibilities of the system. The 1st day is spent documenting current project management practices and tools and capturing the pros and cons of the current state. A demonstration of the software is performed, and the client reaction is captured. The 2nd day is spent with WGA experts performing configurations on-the-fly so that the client can truly see themselves in the tool. WGA documents the session and follows up with a summary of the 2-day POC and a quotation for services requested as next steps. For more information please see the course objectives. 

  1. PMO Implementation Planning Sprint- Consulting 

For organizations contemplating implementing a Project Management Office (PMO), this service is designed to assist with key planning decisions regarding this important organizational change. Day 1 is devoted to defining the objectives of such an implementation and understanding of the current state of Project Management in the organization. WGA uses Agile techniques to gain consensus from decision makers on objectives and root causes of current issues. The balance of Day 1 and morning of Day 2 are spent providing options for structure, depth of process,  the requirements for knowledge and skills of the PMO personnel, and software tool choices. The latter part of Day 2 is spent planning the deliverables for an implementation that satisfies the objectives of the PMO. A detailed proposal for PMO implementation is presented to the client within a week of completing the Sprint. For more information please see the course objectives. 

  1. Strategic Planning Sprint for Small/Medium-sized Business- Consulting

The valuation of your company is more dependent on the quality of your Strategic Plans than your past performance. On Day 1, WGA will assist in defining or validating a strategy for your organization, and work with you to identify the projects that support strategic objectives. There is a particular process we employ to accomplish this. Day 2 will allow WGA to assist with planning the projects selected. The following project artifacts will be generated for each project: Charter,high-level Requirements, project Schedules, Risk plans, and Communication Plans. It is our mission to help you accomplish your strategic objectives whether they are scaling the company to go public, growing the business to pass on to your children, or growing to sell the business. WGA will input and manage the schedule in POL and mentor weekly team meetings as a follow-up option. For more information please see the course objectives.