Does the program cost include books and certification fees?

Yes, we provide for all books, workbooks, labs and certification fees.

I have done a review of my skills and find that training in project management or lean/six sigma would enhance my job prospects. How do I get started?

Call our Education Advisor today, submit your resume and we will guide you through the best practices of submitting a training justification to apply for grant funding.

The DET Process seems to take very long. Can I pay for this course then seek reimbursement through the DET?

If you pay on your own you will forfeit your ability to be funding by any state or government program. We do have options for self funding unemployed professionals. This is due to state regulations and not WGA policy.

I live in New Hampshire can I qualify for a grant in my state?

Yes if you live out of state in New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Connecticut you can apply for grant as we are recognized in those states as an official training provider.

Do I need to complete a WGA enrollment form?

No, if you are working with a career center, WGA establishes a contract with the issuing agency. We notify you once we receive a valid contract and you start class on the designated start date. Once you start the process we will tentatively hold a seat for your desired start date. You must keep us informed of your progress.

Do you provide an online option?

No, our courses provide high impact training that includes the interaction with other professionals enrolled.

Can I get a detailed course syllabus?

Yes, you can download on this site any of our course formats.

Do you only provide training at the facility in Burlington?

For professionals in transition we only provide class room training in Burlington.

What happens if I get a job shortly after I start my training?

It’s most important that you start your training on the date contracted. Should you find a position, we can help you coordinate completing the program. Most employers recognize that this is short duration training and many times will allow you to finish then start. There are exceptions, but we can coach you through the process of preserving your benefit.

Can I sit in a class and see how it is instructed?

Yes, we encourage you to schedule time to visit the school and sit in the class of your choice before committing.

Are your PMP instructors PMP Certified?

Yes, we adhere to a higher standard in instructor credentials and the supplemental materials we provide.

The funding level I have been approved for does not fully cover the cost of the course.

We recognize that all funding of grants are as unique as the individual and we do provide some scholarships and easy payment plans for any differences within reason. This is something that we work out individual by individual.

Where do I take the Lean/Six Sigma Green Belt Certification test?

William George is the certifying organization, there is no global body that monitors and controls these certifications like does for the PMP Certification. Our Lean/Six Sigma instructors are Black Belt Certified.

What are the placement rates that I hear about at the Career Centers?

Placement rates are calculations that we as a training provider send to the state on the success rates of students connecting with jobs. Our current placement rates are published at 80 percent.

Where do I take the PMP Certification test?

PMP/CAPM Certification tests are administered at a prometric testing facility. You can find the one nearest to you by visiting

Do you provide any Military Discounts?

If you are newly out of the military and qualify for veteran benefits at the career center, we will work with your counselor to provide a discount of up to 50 percent of many of our programs, with some exceptions applied.