Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund Grants

Massachusetts Workforce Training Fund grants are made available to improve or upgrade the skills of your employees and the state’s workforce.

As a premier New England based consulting and training firm we are focused exclusively on client success in planning, executing, and reporting on a strategic portfolio of projects. We do this with proven Project Management and Lean Six Sigma Training, Consulting, Tools, and Staffing Solutions.

WGA is a leading provider of workforce development services for individuals and businesses throughout the Commonwealth working with the Department of Workforce Development.

CUSTOMIZED TRAINING SERVICES Every training program that WGA provides is customized to meet your business and industry needs.  We ensure our programs will have the maximum impact on your organization by partnering with you in every stage of the training development process. Here are just some of the programs we offer:

  • Project Management
      • Certification
      • Custom On-Site Training
      • Lean PMO Training
  • Lean Six Sigma
      • Lean Manufacturing
      • Yellow Belt Training
      • Green Belt Training
      • Black Belt Training
  • Leadership Development 
      • Executive, Managerial and Supervisory
  • Customer Service
  • Train the Trainer for all categories

About Workforce Training Grants – In Massachusetts


Massachusetts offers three major employer-based programs (General Program, Express Grant, Hiring Incentive Training Grant) that are solely funded by a specific tax paid by employers of the commonwealth. The purpose of these programs is to provide resources to employers to better train their employees, support smaller companies with training projects and encourage new hiring.   The following are just three of many reimbursement programs, grants, tax credits available to Massachusetts employers.


General Program

For companies of any size seeking to train employees in job-related skills through a comprehensive company-wide program

  • Maximum Grant amount $250,000
  • Awarded to employers, employer organizations, labor organizations, training providers and consortia of small companies
  • Training programs must be completed within 24 months.

Express Grant

 For companies with 100 or fewer employees

  • Maximum Grant amount $30,000 – $3,000/employee
  • Training programs must be completed within 24 months
  • 50% of total training costs can be reimbursed

Hiring Incentive Training Grant

Companies of any size are eligible

  • Maximum Grant amount $75,000
  • Maximum training reimbursement per new hire is $5,000
  • New hires must be Massachusetts residents and have been unemployed for six months or more, OR a military veteran (DD214 Required)
  • New hire must be retained for 120 days


Not sure about the type of training that would help your company achieve its goals? Contact us regarding training assessment services and funding opportunities