Lean Six Sigma Corporate Training Offerings

Lean Six Sigma Overview

What is Lean Six Sigma and how is it different from previous quality programs? What can it do for our organization and what does a “typical” deployment look like? These and other similar questions are answered in this overview.

Lean Six Sigma Executive Management Training

Proper planning and establishing process management systems are critical to the success of any process improvement initiative. This management training session focuses on assisting your business in understanding your core strategic objectives, the business processes that are key in meeting these objectives and implementation of the Lean Six Sigma methodology from process identification to project launch.

Lean Six Sigma Champion Training

To sustain Lean Six Sigma or any other strategic initiative an organization must have champions at every level. This session takes those identified to be champions through the process of understanding what a champion is, learning what Lean Six Sigma is and how to manage successfully manage project teams through the application of the methodology.

Lean Six Sigma Employee Training Programs

William George will provide customized training to those within your organization who will lead and/or participate in the first wave of process improvement projects. The training consists of learning what Lean Six Sigma is and the key tools and concepts used. This program provides the foundation successful implementation of the methodology along with the mentoring that will be provided as projects are executed going forward.

Lean Six Sigma Project Execution and Mentoring

William George will provide mentoring and serve as a technical resource for project teams implementing process improvement within your organization. As each team moves through the various phases of implementing Lean Six Sigma, our mentors will reinforce concepts and tools learned previously and assist in the successful completion of each task.

 Train-The-Trainer Certification

Going forward, William George will provide a train-the-trainer program in conjunction with assisting your organization with internalizing training and certification programs. The goal of our partnership with your organization is to get you to a point where you can self-sustain the implementation of Lean Six Sigma.