Placement Services

WGA provides a good deal of coaching in the classroom as well as individually with our instructors and in the context of the class. There is a lot of sharing of best practices by our participating professionals. We will help you to restructure your resume, make suggestions and provide you with typical interview questions and answers you should internalize as you move forward.

Upon completion of your obtaining Certification(s) we will schedule to sit down with you individually to understand your goals and ambitions and will do our best to provide visibility to our inquiring clients for any job requests. We do maintain an active database used for these purposes and request that you provide us with updated resumes to be considered for incoming opportunities.

We also maintain a LinkedIn group for all alumni and suggest that you join.

Currently we are running a placement rate of about 80 percent for all of our alumni that choose to stay in touch with us. Placement rates published to the state are based upon prior year students. Consequently, as the job market improves so does placement rates.