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WGA Helping Professionals in Transition

In July 2002 a group of Project Management Professionals who had built a PMO and turned around a failing company in the Semiconductor industry was laid off in a faltering economy. The founders of William George Associates knew the power of the PMP credential and the application of sound project management principles. They also saw that thousands of loyal and dedicated professionals who were losing their jobs through no fault of their own needed advantage in the tight marketplace. They started WGA in September 2002 with a mission to get as many professionals the advantage of PMP certification as soon as possible. During its first 3 years, WGA trained over 400 unemployed professionals in New England who got their PMP certification and were able to re-enter the workforce with a credential that set them apart from others looking for work.  As WGA alumni were hired, they brought WGA into their companies to help build PMO’s, train employees, and implement enterprise project management software.  Since 2002, over 4,000 students (unemployed and corporate) have gone through WGA’s 5-day PMP Exam Prep class with a very high first-time pass rate.

We now find ourselves in the midst of an economic situation worse than the last downturn, and WGA stands ready to assist as we have done so in the past. We have expanded the original 5-day course to include other enhancements.

William George’s approach to fulfilling the training needs of individuals in transition is as unique as each individual. We provide customized solutions for our adult learners. We currently maintain 7 structured programs in the DCS state system that are approved and sanctioned under section 30 rules and regulations in the State of Massachusetts.

Why Choose William George Associates?
•All instructor-led classes
•Small personalized classes
•Proven Success Rate
•Programs designed to provide greater visibility and confidence in today’s competitive job market.
•Professionals who care