William George Associates (WGA) announces alliance with Dr. Joanne Roberts Education and Equity Consulting, LLC

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William George Associates (WGA) announces alliance with Dr. Joanne Roberts Education and Equity Consulting, LLC.

Burlington, Mass.— March 28, 2023

William George Associates announces an important alliance with Dr. Joanne Roberts and her company to offer a nationwide initiative called Agile for Education™. This proprietary methodology will bring public and private school stakeholders together in certification classes that align objectives and activities to the needs of students. Specific targeted outcomes are then determined by the strategy of the Education governing bodies, whether they are municipalities or Boards of Directors.

Education is not unique in suffering from siloed thinking, planning, and execution. The focus of this alliance will incorporate  Agile principles to break down the silos and create engaged approaches. Dr. Roberts said it best- “Agile for Education™… IT’S ABOUT TIME!”

Mark Hall, President and founder of WGA, offered, “We are very excited about this alliance and its potential to bring energy, collaboration, and a clear understanding of stakeholder roles, requirements, and a keen focus on the purpose of the mission.”

He went on to explain that Dr. Roberts’ role as a subject matter expert in Education, with her most recent position as Superintendent of the Lebanon, NH school district for the past nine years, provides participants in classes a deep understanding of the current state of Education as well as what is possible. She has developed course content and will be a prime instructor for Agile for Education™.

While the classes will include various stakeholder roles (mixed audience), all participants will receive an Agile role-specific credential:

  • Agile Certified School Board Member™
  • Agile Certified Educational Leader™
  • Agile Certified School Administrator™
  • Agile Certified Educator™
  • Agile Certified School Support Team Member™
  • Agile Certified Athletic Coach™

Dr. Joanne Roberts announced, “Mark Hall and I are excited to present Agile for Education™ at the New Hampshire School Administrators Association (NHSAA) Innovations in Learning Conference on April 12th and the NHSAA Annual Conference in June 2023.

For more information, please reach out to Dr. Joanne Roberts at jorobertsconsulting@gmail.com, and

Mark Hall at mhall@williamgeorge.net

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