Lean Six Sigma

Lean Six Sigma is a Quality methodology that enables reduction in waste while creating a culture of continuous improvement. Any organization wishing to achieve these outcomes is advised to create a strong Quality foundation for the entire company. WGA has a proprietary approach to establishing this foundation and having it support all competencies within the organization and all functional groups. Lean Six Sigma is a foundational element of the engaged enterprise™.

Defining Quality for the organization drives the development of sound processes and habits, most importantly including capturing lessons learned from past projects and applying those lessons to future similar initiatives.

Lean Six Sigma Training/Certification

WGA has been a certifying body in Lean Six Sigma since 2009. Our Lean certifications follow the industry Belt system:

  • White Belt– introduction to Lean Six Sigma-all employees
  • Yellow Belt– for supervisors
  • Gold Belt- for Executives/Sponsors/Senior Management
  • Green Belt– for practitioners who lead continuous improvement projects (this certification is the workhorse of the industry)
  • Black Belt– for Quality leaders in large organizations.

Step 1-Certify 5 Lean Six Sigma Green Belts

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The most common first step is to identify 5 professionals in your organization who will lead Green Belt projects and act as a Lean Tiger Team to address process failures. This training is offered via public schedule (Live-Online), as well as On-demand/asynchronous with a WGA Black Belt mentor monitoring the training and providing guidance for the required class Green Belt project approved by the participants’ Managers. This training transfers knowledge and skills to the participant, and the class project provides the organization invaluable consulting during the course. The class project presentation is an exciting ceremony which demonstrates that Green Belt candidates can use the tools of Lean while generating a plan for a major improvement project for their company.

A certification Exam is taken, and new Green Belts receive their diplomas and credentials.

This 5-day instructor-Led course is conveniently scheduled 1 day per week for 5 weeks

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5 Green Belts will afford your organization the ability to develop sound business processes proactively, the ability to analyze problems/defects and identify root causes and to capture lessons learned. This intelligence is then added to a Lessons Learned database and a process is developed to make sure every new project team for any particular type of project (NPI, for example) studies the database thus avoiding problems of the past. This closed loop process enables institutional continuous improvement, and it all starts by registering for the course.

During the course, participants will learn to employ the 7 Tools of Lean:


Green Belts are vital to an organization’s success. Every company should have a certified team of Green Belts on staff as they pay for themselves many times over each year.

Every consultant should be a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. Every HR rep assigned to a particular functional group should become a Green Belt. Many HR Reps have taken our course and the most common class project among them is improving the hiring process and onboarding process.

In addition to Live-Online/in person, and asynchronous training WGA also provides private training for your organization on-site, at our training center, or via remote live delivery.

What students are saying about our Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification classes:

“I loved the course and the class project!  it was so helpful to incorporate the learning/training materials into a real-life project. I also enjoyed that the presenter encouraged participation.” -Healthcare worker

“I found the most valuable part of this workshop was the teacher, Kevin. He made the material make sense with ease and made it very easy to apply to our individual work settings. With providing matrix ideas and insights along the way, the instructor definitely made the class!” -State employee

“This Course was incredibly valuable! The content and application of the content with the excel file and the presentations made the process real.  The variety of backgrounds and workplace representation was especially valuable. Being part of such a diverse group is helpful in understanding the broad application of Lean Six-Sigma well-beyond the business I am in.” -Consultant

“Honestly, being held accountable to create a class project was the best way to demonstrate and learn Lean Six Sigma process. I am so pleased I took this course.” -Systems Engineer

Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Implementation

Lean Assessment

A WGA Black Belt performs a 2-day assessment with client sponsors and decision-makers where the current state of Quality in the organization is assessed and documented.

Lean Proposal

Based on the findings of the assessment, WGA generates a plan and proposal to establish a Quality policy, establish Quality processes, and train and certify employees.  

Lean Implementation

A WGA Black Belt, with input from client Sr. Management, authors a Quality Policy for the company, develops Quality processes, and trains and certifies employees to support the new organizational Quality model.

Lean Maintenance

Post implementation, WGA moves into maintenance mode with a Black Belt coaching teams and auditing Quality deliverables for 8-16 hours per month. Data is assessed for progress and monthly reports are generated for client Sr. Management relative to Quality improvements.

Lean Return on Investment (ROI)

WGA’s approach to implementing Lean Six Sigma yields 80% of the benefits for just 20% of the cost and time. Let’s do the math.

A Lean Six Sigma engagement that includes all Phases of Implementation above, plus certifying 5 Greens Belts, takes 5 weeks and costs our clients $57,000. Because we make sure to prioritize the critical few activities that yield the greatest benefits (Lessons Learned process, for example), we deliver $285,000 of value in those 5 weeks. Our competition would propose a 25-week engagement and charge the full $285,000.

Using WGA provides an ROI of 400%. Please Click here to schedule a discussion of any or all of our Lean Six Sigma offerings