Program Title: Workforce Training Fund (WTF)

Eligibility: MA companies with 100 or fewer employees– up to $20,000 in training funds fully reimbursed by the WTF Express Fund

About the Workforce Training Fund Express Program

The WTF express fund offers Massachusetts small businesses the opportunity to apply for and have employees attend game-changing ap- proved training within 21 days of application submittal. This training is provided only by approved training vendors, and it will improve your company’s competitive standing and help retain valuable employees. Call Mark Hall today at 978-869-6651 to discuss how our training can make a real difference in your business performance in these times that are so challenging for small businesses. From Innovation techniques, to Agile, to Project Management, to Lean Six Sigma, start your journey  today in enhancing your organization of energy and accomplishment.

Approved Courses for the Workforce Training Fund (WTF)

Call Mark Hall @ 978-869-6651 to get started today or click here to email him about the Workforce Training Fund.