Before getting to “web” things, why the airplane on our Home Page? The answer comes by way of another question: why does everyone look to the sky whenever they hear an airplane overhead? Because it takes us from worldly goings-on to a moment of wonder, a sense of what is possible, and affirmation of the great accomplishments humankind is capable of. These may not be conscious thoughts in the moment, but when we snap back to the mundane, we do so with a smile.

Mark Hall, The Founder of William George Associates (WGA) began his career with Eastern Airlines, and brought the lessons from aviation and aerospace to the Project Management arena so clients can visualize the possibilities before them and reach for the sky.

For 20 years, WGA has been training and certifying over 6,000 professionals to be great leaders of teams. During that time, WGA also has consulted with companies large and small wanting to plan and execute projects more successfully.

WGA is a strong proponent of the Project Management Office (PMO) organizational structure and has implemented many PMO’s and re-energized stale ones with fresh thinking and deeper engagement of the teams.

 WGA is also a certifying body in the complementary disciplines of Agile/Scrum and Lean Six Sigma.

As thought leaders in Project Management, WGA has established the engaged enterpriseby bringing the interrelated competencies of Portfolio & Project Management, Agile/Scrum, and Lean Six Sigma, together in an ecosystem of awareness of purpose, energy, and success.

Our Values

  • We are honest brokers of our services in client matters;
  • We deliver to clients on time, and we pay our vendors on time;
  • Our engagement processes require clear and frequent communication with clients – We never surprise clients;
  • Our commitments result from understanding true client requirements and the plans developed therefrom;
  • WGA values its employees as much as we value our clients:
  • Our services are designed to provide benefits to clients many times over the cost of services. We constantly strive to provide ever more value to our clients;
  • Our fees are affordable and reasonable;
  • We use the Hippocratic oath as a guide in client work: “first do no harm;”
  • WGA provides 80% of the benefits to clients in return for 20% of the cost and effort;
  • We see clients as future success stories, not billable hours;
  • We keep confidences. We protect proprietary information;
  • We are expert in our disciplines and as such we provide clients options for success and allow them to choose the path;
  • If we take care of our clients’ interests, WGA’s interests will be cared for in turn;
  • In the course of client work, our consultants never involve themselves in corporate politics; We remain objective, positive, and professional;
  • We mentor professionals looking for guidance without charge or expectations of favor.