Ten$ of Thousand$ of reasons to send your employees to WGA Green Belt Certification classes!!

WGA Completes latest Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Class on 12/19/2023

All participants in the most recent Green Belt class came to the class with Management support and a process improvement project to work on. During the 5-day class (1 day/week for 5 weeks), students learned and applied the concepts, tools, and techniques of the methodology. Plans for the process improvement project were elaborated back at work with fellow workers and bosses alike.

The project report-out on December 21, 2023 was eye-popping. In 5 weeks’ time, each participant developed a detailed data-driven analysis of the current state of the business process in question, identified the process steps that needed attention (repair or elimination), and developed an optimized process and a project plan to achieve the future state including quantifiable improvements.

For the class, the quantified minimum benefit of the projects was $17,000 with the maximum being $300,000. ROI calculations including the cost of improving the process ranged from 183% to 311%.

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